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Tug Entreprenant


In 1965 the rescue and towage company of the Nord ordered from the Ziegler Frères Dunkirk shipyard two new tugs which were named respectively Audacieux and Entreprenant. With their very powerful engines, excellent manoeuvrability and high degree of stability, these serviceable ships helped cargo vessels get into port and berth and vice versa. The names they were given were a reflection of their qualities, qualities such as bold, sturdy, enterprising, etc.


Plan of Entreprenant


Entreprenant formed part of a fleet of 10 tugs and was crewed by 5 men: 1 captain, 1 chief mechanic, 1 oiler and 2 sailors. The crews worked shifts of 24 hours on and 24 hours off.
After more than 40 years of loyal service, mainly within the port of Dunkirk, the decision was taken to decommission Entreprenant and Audacieux. They were replaced by a larger, more powerful tug, more suited to the newer type of traffic.
Entreprenant was given to the Port Museum by its owner, Abeilles International. After restoration work, it will be open to visitors as part of the floating museum.


Museum-ship Entreprenant being towed back to its mooring after restoration works.



Ship's description


Length: 32.30 m
Breadth: 8.0 m
Draught: 4.5 m
Speed: 13 knots
Bollard pull: 25.0 tons