1. Gdansk, Centralne Muzeum Morskie
  2. The Polish Maritime Museum

The museum-ship "Soldek"


Soldek as a museum-ship on the Motlawa River.
Photo by Ewa Meksiak

Soldek towed towards her permanent place
in front of the Granaries after a service in the Gdansk Shiprepair Yard, February 2004. Photo by Ewa Meksiak


In front of the granaries is moored the museum-ship Soldek. The first seagoing cargo vessel built in Poland after WW2 is now open to visitors, together with an exhibition presenting the history of her construction and 40 years of service.

The ship was the first of six vessels ordered by the Gdynia-America Shipping Lines Ltd. to carry coal and iron ore on the Baltic Sea and North Sea. Launched on 6 November 1948, the ship was named Soldek after the leading loftsman of the Gdansk Shipyard, employed in the construction of the vessel. Throughout her career the ship made almost 1500 voyages, sailing mainly to Swedish and Dutch ports.

Her service ended on 30 December 1980. In 1981 she was taken over by the Polish Maritime Museum, being in a very bad condition and needing a major repair and then adaptation for museum purposes. After several years of work, with the chief objective of restoring her original appearance, she was opened as a museum ship in 1985.